Congresso Brasileiro Sobre Crustáceos (CBC)
The Crustacean Society (TCS) Summer Meeting


Tradition and Innovation:
Integrative Approaches to Crustacean Studies

Information about Abstracts
and presentations (video posters or oral)

April 30th, 2022: Deadline for communicating the final acceptance of works to the authors, as well as the type of presentation (video poster or oral), confirmed by the Scientific Committee of the event.

May 30th, 2022: Deadline for authors to upload video posters (maximum 5 minutes each) to YouTube

06th to 08th 2022: Period of execution of CBC.TCS.2022 (04 conferences, 10 symposia and presentation sessions – oral and video poster).

June 9th, 2022: Day of the 07 mini-courses.

Participants may choose to present their work in the following formats (oral or video poster), which will be informed by the authors in the abstract to be submitted. However, the final decision of each presentation will be communicated to the authors until April 30th, 2022.

Oral Presentations: Due to time limitations in the event’s schedule, the Scientific Committee will need to select 32 works for oral presentation only. For such thing, it will be considered the first option initially made by the author, although some who opted for the panel presentation could also be consulted about the possibility of presentation their work in oral format. Each oral presentation will have a maximum duration of 10 minutes. Thus, we ask authors to size their presentation for this time, avoiding delays in the event’s schedule.

Video poster presentations: They will occupy most of the event (85% of the submitted works), consisting in the recording of a video presentation with a maximum duration of 5 minutes, following the rules, examples and tutorials that will be demonstrated below. The slides must present their texts in English, requiring special attention when reviewing them (if you deem it necessary, consult a native speaker). The presentation can be done by the author in their native language during it, however, in this case, subtitles in English must be inserted in the videoposter, according to the rules and tutorials below. 

Videoposters must be uploaded to YouTube, with the link inserted clicking menu ABSTRACTS in this website to access EVEN3 Platform (see below how to do), until May 30th, 2022. Videoposters will be available to attendants from the very first day of the event (June 06th, 2022), with a list of papers and respective links to be made available in due course.

During the conference, the videoposter’s author must be online at the individual presentation room that will be announced shortly, during the entire time established for the presentation (see the Scientific Program on the event’s website – “SCHEDULE” menu), consulting the Videoposter Session. On this occasion you will be able to answer the questions by the evaluator and others present.

Access to the Even3 Platform

How to Submit Videoposter Link?

Participants of CBC.TCS.2022 will be able to find all information regarding their registration, abstracts, schedule, etc., accessing the Even3 Platform. The information below is the step-by-step guide to access this information. Explore this platform, which will soon allow you to access the entire program of the event

- Access the platform ;
- Login with your email and password.
- In the menu (left side) you will have access to six options: Home; Registration; Schedule; Submissions; Presentations; and Certificates.

If the presentation of your abstract will be as a videoposter, you must first upload your videoposter to YouTube and then insert the link in the Even3 platform, as follow:
- Enter the Even3 platform, as mentioned above;
- The Submissions menu will allow access to abstracts and other information about them;
- Will you present your summary as a Videoposter? Then, you will need to insert the presentation link that you uploaded on Youtube. - To do so, follow the sequence of actions:

a) select the desired submission;
b) click on To view option (right side);
c) at the end of the page, go to the last field - Link to the video (optional) – and insert the link to your video on YouTube;
d) save the information by clicking the Update button.




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